A Tour of Ferniehirst Castle

A Castle Tour

Come and see us at Ferniehirst Castle, click here for opening times and how to get there.

The castle we see today has little changed since Sir Andrew Kerr completed his repairs and rebuild in 1598, at that time in Scottish history there was still a danger of further trouble and uprisings on the Border. Doors were designed to open outwards and gun holes placed strategically around the building for defence, only later in the 17th century when peace at last came to the Scottish Borderland were the baronial style embellishments added and the old bastle house close by converted to a chapel for family use.

Although the castle walls were undermined and destroyed by a succession of assailents the original 1470 undercrofts survived and can be seen today. Converted for daily use they continue to support the main castle buildings.

The interior consists of the original grand apartments and upstairs rooms in the style of a 17th century Scottish Baronial Laird and boasts a wonderful great hall with a large decorated italianate fireplace and a tiny wood lined turret library with an original carved oak ceiling.

The following pages are extracted from a new guide book produced in 2011, written and illustrated by the Curator at Ferniehirst, Mr Bob Lawson.  These guides can be obtained from the Curator, email for details

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