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The official site of Clan Kerr,  edited by Bob Lawson, Curator at Ferniehirst Castle, the seat of this powerful Border riding family since the 15th century.

Throughout the year we welcome members of the Kerr kinship from all over the world to Ferniehirst Castle. They come to see the very roots of their proud family name and experience with me the telling of their story as we tour this beautiful Border fortress.

The story is one piece of a large jigsaw puzzle illustrating the dangerous centuries endured in the Scottish Borderland after the English invasion engineered by King Edward I, ‘The Hammer of the Scots’ in the late 13th century. The Borders became a settling ground for the disputes of both the Scottish and English monarchs, and the system that evolved through these events resulted in a the rise of a number of powerful families who lived by their cunning, reiving and mercenary soldiering, with no allegiance either to the Scottish or English thrones.

This patriarchal society persisted until the early 17th century when James VI of Scotland ascended the English throne as James I, and with a mixture of summary justice and subtle political manoeuvring brought a lasting peace to the Borderlands he renamed ‘The Shires’, wishing no borders within his new ‘United Kingdom’.

this site is a one-stop for all those interested in finding out about the Kerr family. As the pages unfold I will share with you my ongoing researches, images old and new, poetry and ballads, songs, stories and the colourful history of the Kerr Clan.

I have a great deal of work  to do and I hope to see you here again, make sure of your copy of my new book 'The Kerrs of Ferniehirst 1205-1692' launched in July 2014. First printing limited to 500 copies

Slainte Mhath

Bob Lawson


Ferniehirst Castle



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