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The official site of Clan Kerr,  edited by Bob Lawson, Curator at Ferniehirst Castle, the seat of this powerful Border riding family since the 15th century.

Throughout the year we welcome members of the Kerr kinship from all over the world to Ferniehirst Castle. They come to see the very roots of their proud family name and experience with me the telling of their story as we tour this beautiful Border fortress.

This is a testing time for all of us, COVID-19 has arrived with devastating consequences. My Kerr community is worldwide and my heart goes out to you all to stay safe from this unseen enemy. Follow government guidelines, it is hard I know but above all we have to preserve lives. Your strength is your common bond, your Clan and your heritage and history and so with the strength, courage and determination do the right thing, be patient, self distance and save lives.

Ferniehirst Castle was closed this July with no private viewings for the forseeable future. But great hope! A vaccine may offer us the chance to consider a return to our friends and loved ones, our work and our play. There are still lessons to learn from all this and patience is among them. Perhaps I will have the honour once more in July 2021 to welcome my visitors to Ferniehirst. SERO SED SERIO - Late but in Earnest.

I hope to rewrite the text I have removed from my welcome page and in the meantime the site continues to be a one-stop for all those interested in finding out about the Kerr family. As the pages unfold I will continue to share with you my ongoing researches, images old and new, poetry and ballads, songs, stories and the colourful history of the Kerr Clan. As I sit here in my office, locked down at home I look forward to continuing my work with new pages. Keep visiting and I look forward to hearing from you via my contact page.


Slainte Mhath

Bob Lawson


Ferniehirst Castle



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