If you would like to contact the Curator at Ferniehirst, Mr Bob Lawson please use the form below. All mails are strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

Enjoy our lovely new site just for Ferniehirst Castle at the very heart of your Clan heritage. Make sure to subscribe while you're there, it doesn't cost anything to keep in touch with the latest castle news. Tell all members of your Kerr Clan family.   

Great news too - The castle could become a holiday destination for a large extended family or if you plan a small Clan Kerr gathering Ferniehirst may well be the answer.

Full details and who to contact are on the castle site, only use the Ferniehirst site for enquiries.


We are open all July 2021

Tuesdays to Sundays

2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tour 1 - 2:15

Tour 2 - 3:15

last tour leaves at 4:15

You will need to book each tour with an advanced card payment, see the calendar on the Ferniehirst site for dates and times available.

Do not just turn up

Click on the link to our Ferniehirst site below and then choose VISIT from the top legend and make a date with us. Come and see us for a tour of Ferniehirst.

Here is the link for our beautiful new castle site.

Of course the Clan Kerr site made specially for members of the Kerr Clan continues to share histories and interests with members worldwide.

Visit the Ferniehirst site book a tour or a holiday at

It's all a great way to stay in touch with Clan Kerr members from all over the world.


Ferniehirst Castle Opening Times for 2021

All visitor attractions have been affected by the

COVID-19 virus

Until further notice Ferniehirst Castle and grounds remain closed to the public.

Please respect this is the private family home of

Lord and Lady Ralph Kerr.

I remain hopeful Ferniehirst Castle will be open to visitors in July2021.

Access to the castle and grounds is strictly forbidden and no private viewings will be considered until further notice.

Thank you