The three tartans and the plaid designed for the Kerrs of Ferniehirst

I have made these images large so you can identify your tartans.

The modern tartan is the easiest to obtain and there are good sources for all the tartans. Scarves, stoles, pashminas, ties etc. and lengths of good quality material are available direct from Scotland, and I would recommend you purchase from one of the specialist outlets. e-mail me if you require some assistance. Ask your tailor to measure you up to determine the correct quantity for the items you wish to have made, order the material and your tailor will ‘make to measure’ for you.

You can kit yourself out in full highland dress from specialist outfitters who will make sure you purchase the correct tartan and accessories, many of the on-line outfitters overcharge and may supply you with inferior goods.

Of course a trip to the Borders would be the best way of all to obtain your desired tartans while experiencing the sights and the wonderful hospitality on offer in ‘Kerr country’.

Kerr Ancient

Kerr Hunting

Kerr Modern

Kerr Plaid