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Welcome to Kerr Country

The official site of Clan Kerr, edited by Bob Lawson, Curator at Ferniehirst Castle, the seat of this powerful Border

riding family since the 15th century.

A Welcome to clankerr.co.uk from your Curator Mr Bob Lawson


Throughout the year we welcome members of the Kerr kinship to Ferniehirst Castle from all over the world to the very roots of their proud family name and experience with me the telling of their history as we tour this beautiful Border fortress perched among the graceful forest trees, high above the Jed Water.  


The story is a piece of the large jigsaw puzzle illustrating the dangerous centuries endured in the Scottish Borderland after the English invasion engineered with the insane, cruel and ambition of Edward I known as ‘The Hammer of the Scots’.

'Every man for himself' saw the rise of the great Border families.  As the lives of the ordinary people responded to a world of lawlessness and danger, the land became a settling ground for the disputes of both the Scottish and English monarchs.

The system that evolved resulted in a lawless and fierce collection of families who lived by their cunning, thieving and mercenary soldiering with no allegiance either to the Scottish or English thrones.   This patriarchal society persisted until the early 17th century when James VI  of Scotland ascended the English throne as James I and with a mixture of  summary justice and subtle political manoeuvrings brought a relative and lasting peace to the Borderlands he renamed the shires, wishing no 'borders' within his new ‘United Kingdom’. To understand the background to the Border riding family known as the Kerrs I would recommend you explore further those turbulent years.   


We are open each July to everyone to come and enjoy,  and it is truly with thanks to the 12th Lord and Lady Lothian we are able to open our doors and show you this beautifully restored 16th century castle,  reminding us of the heritage of the Kerr Clan here in the Scottish Borderland and the importance of our part in the history of the British Isles.


I hope you will come one day and enjoy a tour.  I look forward to your visit to Ferniehirst Castle.



Slainte Mhath

Bob Lawson


Ferniehirst Castle




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